Sunday, June 08, 2008

Natalie & Josh

From the day we signed off on the contracts for this wedding almost a year ago, we knew that we wanted to spend some time at Monument Circle in downtown between the wedding and reception. As the final week before the wedding arrived, we all watched the weather reports. I remember checking's 10-day forecast and groaning when I saw the first report for Saturday--70 and thunderstorms. A couple days later the report was still basically the same. Four days out from the wedding the report changed to hot and windy with probable storms. Two days out from the wedding the report changed again to cloudy and a chance of storms. Friday night brought tremendous storms, including some tornadoes across the area. As I loaded camera gear into the back of the car on Friday night I tossed in the biggest umbrella we have and a spare set of clothes.

Then Saturday--wedding day--dawned. Sunny and clear. Josh and Natalie got their wish, and we got some fantastic photos...