Monday, May 08, 2006

I'm a Consultant!

I'm writing this from a slightly smelly, very out-dated room at the Holiday Inn East St. Paul in St. Paul, Minnnesota. The studio I do some work for is expanding a franchise into a suburb of the Twin Cities and they asked me to come up for a few days to do the complete tech setup. I flew in this afternoon, and have already set up several of their computer systems. Tomorrow they should have the cabling finished for their file server, as well as the delivery of the print server.

Today was long. Tomorrow is shaping up to be a marathon. But it's fun...I get to play with lots of computers and cameras with a couple of cool fellow Purdue alums. I have a feeling tomorrow night will involve beer. Tonight though, is just a hot shower...and hopefully this bed is a lot softer than it looks!

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