Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Just a quick thank-you and request at the same time...

One of the ways that Kelly and I keep our client fees lower than most area photographers is because we don't magazine ads, no bridal shows, no web registries, etc. All of that costs money, and that's money that we don't want to have to pass along to our clients. What that means is that we rely pretty much 100% on referrals. 2006 was (I say was because we're pretty much booked-up for '06 and are now looking into 2007) a fantastic year, and we look forward to photographing over the next few months all the weddings of the wonderful couples we've met with.

So to all our past, present, and upcoming couples...please remember to pass us along to all your friends and family members! And don't forget, we do family portraits, maternity and newborn portraits (when you get to that family-making stage!!), and just about any other kind of photography. :-D


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