Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Busy, busy, busy!!

While trying to stay out of the heat-wave that's been scorching our yard, Kelly and I have also been busy with many different endeavors. First and foremost, we've been shooting tons of great weddings! I'll be getting some current photos up here within the next couple days, so those of you that have been impatient to see photos from your wedding or just new stuff in general, take heart!

We've also been busy making a deal to purchase some studio lighting equipment. John has been in meetings several times with the Indiana Ice USHL hockey team, and there's good news! John and Kelly are now the team photographers for the Ice!! Both Kelly and I are huge hockey fans (I know, I know...hockey fans? In Indiana?? Yeah, well...basketball sucks. ;-) ), and this is going to be a great time! We've photographed the games as spectators and freelance photographers for several years now, and our sports portfolio will be able to grow and expand.

Kelly's coaching soccer again, and has been out sweating and running with the girls in the 90* + heat we've been having. Ugh! More power to her, I'll stay in the pool, thankyouverymuch.

John's getting ready to pack his bags again for another consulting trip. I'm on my way to the Philadelphia area for three days later this week to do the network and technical setup for another Celebrity Kids studio. Should be a great time!

We've also been quite busy chasing the child. She's coming up on two in a couple of months, and while ordinarily good natured, is definitely showing flashes of the 'terrible twos'. She'll go from smiling to screaming and back to smiling in record time. And we want to have another one??!! hehe.

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