Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The 5-second, 103* Update...

Just wanted to let all our faithful readers (all four of you...har-har-har) know that Kel and I haven't dropped off the face of the earth or forgotten that we've got a blog to run. We've just been swamped both behind the camera and away from the camera. We've shot three weddings in the past week and a half, and have been trying to keep up with the processing of images and ordering of prints, we've had a sick kiddie, and then a sick Johnny. Yup, Kel got to take charge and pretty much be the primary shooter at our past wedding, as I was sporting a shiny red face from my 103* salmonella-induced fever. She did a smashing job, and we still got all our usual killer shots (I used the monopod to help hold the camera (and myself) up), and I hope to have the images processed in the next several days.

Other pressing concerns continue to be my classes. Learning six new programming languages this semester, so trying to keep all that straight in my head is like trying to untangle the mess of wires behind our TV! I've got a ton of projects due in the next two days, so as soon as those are done I'm back at the photo processing.

Oh yeah, can't forget about hockey season rapidly approaching! With my fever slowly dropping down below 100*, I drove to the north side today to do the player headshots for the Ice and do a promo shot with a bunch of Shriners / former hockey players. Cool stuff! Just wish I wasn't quite so preoccupied with how many steps it was to the nearest bathroom! ;-) (Was that TMI? I still have a fever...gimme a break!)

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