Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving and bring you up to speed on our apparent absence from our blog lately. I wish I had a really cool excuse like we've been backpacking across Europe or diving in Fiji or something, but unfortunately our excuse is the usual mundanaity (is that even a word?!) of life in central Indiana. Don't get me wrong, that's not a bad fact it's been keeping us quite busy!!

We're finally seeing our way through the end of 'wedding season'. Only two more left in '06. We're really looking forward to these last two, but at the same time it feels so freakin' nice to have a Saturday off!! It was odd, though; last Saturday was our first off since somewhere back in early summer. Kel and I kept looking at each other and asking Are you sure we don't have a wedding today?!

We've been meeting with some great couples for 2007 weddings, and dates are starting to fill up! I don't mean that to sound like pressure if you're a couple looking for a photographer, but...oh who I am I kidding, of course it is! ;-) Seriously though, the prime dates in 07 are starting to fill!

In other news, Molly's two now. Holy cow time flies!! Here's one of her two-year photos...

Kel and I were talking today after the usual turkey gluttony, and remembering back to when she was born. After a long labor, Molly was tired and had trouble clearing the amniotic fluid from her lungs. Everything about that first night has kind of a haze over it now in my mind from the exhaustion and stress, so it's actually a little surreal to think that she almost didn't make it through her first night. She spent a week in the NICU, and Kelly and I had our Thanksgiving dinner in the hospital cafeteria. Now it's two years later and she's in the 98th percentile for height and the 50th for weight, and is as healthy and precocious as any preschooler (holy hell, that's scary in itself!!) I've seen. She had a great birthday--Kel made her a duck-shaped cake and she had a blast opening all her presents (already can't wait until Christmas!).

In other Whiteshark news, we're now offering photo viewing and print sales of events through our main website. Be sure to check it out! :) We're also offering all new options for albums in 2007, so look for more to come on that!

WHEW, I think that just about brings everything up to speed. I think. It's been a long day of cooking and eating and watching Curious George (Molly just has to watch George at least three times a day). I'm beat. But I'm installing album creation software on the computer, so I kind of want to play around with that a bit yet too.

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