Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Oh wow, so has it really been since Thanksgiving since I've posted to the blog?! Jeez, I'm sure everyone has given us up for lost!!! My deepest and most humble apologies. Maybe if I could get Kel to post once in awhile too... I'm sure she has stuff to say!

But for now, suffice it to say that we've had our usual busy time around here. My fall semester classes ended just before Christmas. Missed Dean's List by a single B in my microcontrollers class. Argh!!! I know that all As and a B is pretty good, but I really wanted Dean's List again. Ahh well, a new crop of classes is starting next week, so I'll get my chance again I guess.

Molly had a great Christmas. She pretty much understood what was going on. "Molly, who's coming next week?" "Tan-ta!" "That's right, and what's Santa going to bring you?" "Pwesents!" Heh. She's off visiting my folks this week because we've got soccer tonight and a couple hockey games to cover, plus a wedding this weekend. It's good to be able to get so much work done, and we're so grateful to have grandparents that are always so willing to help, but man do we miss her!!

Speaking of hockey, the season is going great! Both Kel and I are getting better and better at shooting while avoiding flying sticks, pucks, and knocked-out teeth. We also had the opportunity to shoot the 2007 calendar for the Chill Girls, the Ice cheerleading squad. That was...ahem...fun. :) I know, I know, get some photos up. I'll be working on that over the next day or two. I'm finally caught up on updating our website for '07, processing weddings, and cleaning the house, so now I can finally do some more of the 'fun' stuff in these last few days before I head back into the world of operating system architecture and Visual Basic.

So yeah, my New Year's resolution is to do a much better job at keeping the blog updated and keeping everyone informed of the minutae of our daily life and times! :-)

Best wishes to everyone in this new year, may it be prosperous and kind to you all!!

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