Thursday, January 04, 2007

Now those of you that know me know that I love everything about cars and auto long as they turn in a direction other-than-or-in-addition-to left. In other words, I'm not a big NASCAR or Indycar fan at all. From March until October I practically breathe Formula One, but I just don't get the thrill of turning left all the time. Still, it was pretty cool to meet and hang out with Tony Stewart at the Ice game last night!! He grew up about 30 miles south of where we live, and comes out to an Ice game every year as a promotional event for the Tony Stewart Foundation. He came out to the Ice game to 'help coach' for the evening.

Kel and I got to photograph him as he signed autographs at the season ticket holder party before the game and then in the locker room before and after the game. We got free sweatshirts from the Ice, which Tony signed for us. Kel got her sweatshirt signed in the locker room after the game. She was joking around with Tony and saying she hoped she didn't take too many photos of him tonight, and he gave it right back to her, saying that at least he had somebody good looking taking the pictures tonight.

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