Friday, June 15, 2007

Formula 1 USGP--Day 2

Practice day today. The drivers are on-track for two 90-minute sessions. My buddy Jason had a job interview this morning (good luck, Jas!), so we didn't make it out to the morning session. S'ok, I got to spend the morning making pancakes with Molly (little nut hates bread, but loves pancakes...go figure).

By 1:15 we were on the road heading for the track, and by 2:00 we were parked and hearing the glorious sounds of V-8 engines revving to over 19,000 RPM inside the bowl of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. 90 degrees and getting more humid by the moment, thank goodness for ClimaCool shirts!!

Anyway, we caught the last hour or so of the practice session, and then wandered around the infield for awhile just soaking up the atmosphere and people-watching. Most everyone was bailing, so we decided to pack it in for the day and meet up with Kelly and Molly for pizza. Between bathtime and chasing around the table and brushing teeth, I managed to pull the 100 or so photos I took today and get them processing.

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