Friday, August 10, 2007

I knew... / I knew I shouldn't have tempted fate by complaining about the weather. No sooner did I toss up that post the other day than I walked into the kitchen and noticed that I didn't feel the blast of arctic happiness when I walked under the ceiling-mounted HVAC vent. No. Oh please god no. I ran into the den and jumped on the couch, where usually you have to have a blanket even when the rest of the house is sweltering. Uncomfortably warm. Oh huh-uh, this cannot be happening. It's going to be 98* again today. Run to the thermostat. Yep, still set at 71*. House temp is 74*. As I stood there watching it clicked up to 75*. Then it skipped 76* and went right to 77*. I let out a weak little whimpery scream of terror. Our AC was broken.

Right now it's just after 7:00am. The AC has been totally down for about 16 hours. I'm bleary-eyed and miserable. I slept with nothing but a sheet covering me last night with the ceiling fan on high and a box-fan blowing directly at me. Wait, check that. I say 'slept' but what I really mean is I tossed and turned and spent the entire night rolling back and forth on the bed trying to find the cool spot on the sheets and flipping the pillows over to get the cool side. I think actual 'sleep' might have entered into the equation for...ohhhh thirty, maybe thirty-two minutes. I'm one of those people who just cannot sleep unless it's about 65* in the house (or cooler...we have a programmable thermostat and in the winter we regularly let the house drop into the 50s at night). So you can imagine just how much fun it was for me to try to sleep when it was 87* in the house at 11:30pm.

There are times when I really loathe summer in Indiana. Thankfully the AC guy is supposed to come sometime between 10 and 2 today. He gets that thing fixed, I told Kelly to break out the jackets because I'm going to make it snow in the house.

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