Monday, July 30, 2007

Brandi & Eddie / July. Indiana. 4:00pm. Outside. I don't think 'hot' really describes wearing a black shirt, long pants, and about eighteen pounds of camera draped around your neck while trying to do formal portraiture outside in the sun. I just kept trying to remind myself that the guys were wearing full tuxes and just had to be worse off than me. Actually the heat itself wasn't terrible...only about 85F or so. But being July it was so humid that there was a haze hanging in the air.

But oh my gosh did we get great photographs.

I haven't the foggiest idea how Eddie is looking so cool and suave here, knowing how sweaty I was.

And as usual, I thought I nailed the killer portrait of the day when I was doing some solo stuff with Eddie before the ceremony (looks kind of like Robert De Niro, doesn't he??) ...

But then we start pulling cards around 11:30pm after getting home from the wedding, and I see this on one of Kelly's cards. Quite possibly the best flower-girl portrait I've ever seen. Okay, no 'possibly' about it, I LOVE this shot.

I'm amazed every week at how much Kelly is growing as a photographer. She consistently gets the great shots, and with this one showed me just how much a different crop can make one of our more 'stock' shots new and fresh again...

And finally, a couple other random shots from this rather sweaty, but very memorable wedding day...

PS: One last note. Brandi had the coolest idea I've ever seen at a reception. They did a traditional anniversary dance, but instead of giving the last remaining couple (the couple that had been married the longest) a flower or gift or whatever, Brandi surprised them by giving them her bouquet. How unbelievably cool. I like tradition and the bouquet-toss is neat, but this just blew it away. Everybody was tearing up. :-)

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