Friday, July 13, 2007

Oh my god I need coffee. We have (had) one of those little one-cup coffee maker things, right? Well the little cup-insert thing that holds the coffee while it brews broke the other day. So I pull out our ancient 10-cup coffee pot. Open it up to dump in some freshly ground coffee, and -- oh what's this?! Whoever put the pot away last didn't bother to empty out the old grounds. Hmm, when was the last time we used that pot...Christmas when my parents were visiting, I think. Ewwwww. The innards of my coffee pot had become a rather unsightly science experiment. Take everything apart, scrub it like crazy, send the whole thing through the dishwasher overnight.

I actually had a nightmare last night that the coffeepot still wasn't clean and I couldn't have coffee this morning.

Got up this morning...absolutely dragging...all I want is a cup of coffee. Put everything together, it's nice and clean, yayyyy! Dump the last of my coffee into it, run the machine. When I go to pour a cup, some...thing is sitting in the pot. Looks like a chunk of something that I didn't get scrubbed out had floated its way through the system. Oh, the humanity!!!! Now I have no coffee...again.


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Teresa said...

Wow, John thanks for the laugh. I really needed it this morning. I hope you finally got some coffee.