Thursday, July 19, 2007

This is a rec league?!?!? \ I know I've mentioned it before, but for the uninitiated Kelly and I are gonzo soccer players. We'd play every night if we had the time (and money for league fees). As it is we only play in two leagues currently, and pick up a third league once or twice a year.

Well this past Tuesday night we were playing in our over-30 league. The league we play basically for fun and exercise. There's no trophy, there aren't even t-shirts for the league winners. So in other words, we're out there to kick a ball and get in a good sweat. Some guys, though, don't seem to understand that concept as well as we do. There's one guy who has kind of ehhh-so-so skill, but always seems to go in one step too far, and leads feet-first into every tackle. He regularly bowls over four or five people a game. I've been in goal against his team and gone through him a couple times on balls that were clearly mine. So the other night I'm subbing in on another team to get an extra game in, and playing the field instead of in goal. Ball is just hopping across midfield, and I go to clear it deep. All of a sudden there's six feet and about a hundred-eighty pounds of guy plowing into me, kicking and flailing away at the ball. And totally missing the ball, but beating the everlovin' snot out of my foot. Basically he kicked as hard as he could square into my toes. I've never...never...taken a hit hard enough to jam FOUR of my five toes. I can't even fathom what in the world he was trying to do as I was already on my follow-through finishing the kick when he clobbered me, but this is the end result...

I don't think it's broken. Nothing's really sticking out at an odd angle, and I can move it a little bit. But it's swollen to about twice the size of my other big toe and looks pretty funky! Molly calls it my 'boo-boo toe'.

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