Sunday, September 30, 2007

5-0 Baybeee! / Ahh, my first Saturday off in months. Great fall day in college football season, and there's no better place to be than tailgating at a Purdue game. What makes it even sweeter is that this was no ordinary game, but Purdue-Notre Dame. What makes it even better than that is that this was a 4-0 Purdue team at home against an 0-4 ND team. Oh the sweetness and joy was in the air, my friends!!

My buddy Jason and I had a blast tailgating with a group of friends. Of course, I would be remiss as a photographer if I didn't have a camera somewhere on my person to catch some of the events of the day!!

(Yes, that is Grover and Oscar the Grouch partying with the group!!)

("Skinny's" job was to irritate the ND fans.)

(Best. Grill. Ever.)

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