Thursday, September 13, 2007

Amanda & Eric / You remember how a few weddings back I said it was nice to have a kind of laid-back reception, but that we love a good party-reception too? Well guess what, this was a great party-reception! It's not very often that I end up dancing, but at the end of the night I found myself with no camera in my hand and trying not to make too much of a fool of myself. ;-)

Party aside, this was a great wedding. We had a beautiful ceremony under the tent. Some people think that rain ruins an outside wedding, but as long as there's a tent I kind of like rainy days like that--there's something very soothing and special about the soft rain overlapping the sounds of two people sharing their vows.

Here are just a few moments from the day...

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Mr&MrsMize said...

Hey John and Kelly!
Just wanted to let you guys know just how excited Eric and I are about the pictures!! AMAZING! Never in my wildest dreams thought that my wedding picture would turn out so AWESOME! I think we have looked at them 10,000 times. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! Not only the the beautiful pictures but helping out at the wedding also. Hope you guys had a great time and will be looking forwards to be meeting with you two again.