Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bunny-day happiness

Ok, so I've been a bit absent again lately. Several things have been going on. One, work has been absolutely kicking my butt with business. All kinds of deadlines and projects and the usual conflux of crazy. Two, I dislocated my right index finger a couple weeks ago, so it's actually been pretty painful to type or even run the mouse (and god help me, Call of Duty online is absolutely out. I tried playing a few matches last week and my trigger finger is so slow and painful I got my arse handed to me. Repeatedly. I finally shut it down, quite saddened).

So really, that's been about it. I'm going to try to blog more words, and more pictures too. I realized after reading some friends' blogs and getting thoroughly hooked on Wil Wheaton's blog that I really do miss writing. I used to write all the time--non-fiction, poetry, short stories. Then over the years just kind of fell away from it. I need to get back to it and find my voice again. Anyway, enough sentimentalizing.

Recent goings on include getting up at the crack of oh-my-god-it's-still-dark-out to eat chocoate and hunt easter eggs. Here are some photos of the kid, all suited up in her easter best (actually, it's last year's easter best, since the dress she picked out this year (and just HAD to have) she won't even put on for five minutes in the studio since "it's itchy, Dad!". Grr.).

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