Wednesday, April 15, 2009

!! Geek Alert !!

My almost year-long flirtation with the dark side (or with the side of goodness and happiness, if you listen to my buddy, Whelan) is over. I sold my 24" iMac and went back to using my custom-built (read: 'home-built') server/workstation. Installed the 7057 build of Windows 7 and moved in. Well, moved in with a 'minor' upgrade. ;-) Instead of the previous 22" HP monitor, I got a pair of matching 23" Acers. Mmmmm, prettyyyyyyy.

This series of photos is of the monitors going in. Got another series of the wall-mounts (mmmm, prettierrrrr).

Note that you can still see the old HP on its wall-mount. I'm considering picking up a cheapie video card and running it as a 3rd display. What do you think?? I've got an open PCI-E16 slot in the beast...

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Jeff said...

Very nice!