Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Game 3

If the game were on ESPN, the commentator would say something that was supposed to be witty but said absolutely nothing.  Something like, "While it's not a must-win game for the Ice, this Game 3 is almost a must-win," or, "The Ice really need to grab this series by the scruff of the neck tonight." 

Game 3.  Series tied 1-1.  Winner goes into a situation of needing to only win one more to head to the Clark Cup Finals against Fargo. 

I usually try to duck into the locker room prior to warm-ups for a few minutes to say hi to the guys and pick up a cup of coffee.  Usually the locker room is pretty raucous--loud music, guys grab-assing and joking around, the usual dudes' locker room kind of mentality.

This was the locker room before Game 3...

Quiet.  Tense.  The guys have a laptop loaded with music to listen to while they dress.  A song ended and no one got up to start another for several seconds.  One of the guys walked through in a towel.  Nobody tried to yank it or snap him with their own towel.  I'd never seen this team with their game faces on so early.  I knew we were in for a battle.

Kind of like a shot shattering a pane of glass behind the goalie, this is something you see in the NHL from time to time, but I've never seen it in the USHL.  One of the Ice players did this.  With a shot.

And the big hero of the night...Max Cook with the game winning goal and first star of the night.

Nice to see the local media finally taking an interest in the Ice, as well.  Several of the local network affiliates were out shooting some footage of the game, and Fox-59 stayed around to interview the coach and players.

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