Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Hey exciting news! We went to see Dr. Shelbourne, Kelly's orthopaedic surgeon (who also happens to be the team doctor for Purdue and for the Indianapolis Colts). She 'tweaked' her knee a few weeks ago playing soccer. So he's poking at her knee and asking her what she thinks is wrong. (We've had so many injuries over the years, we're pretty good at self-diagnosis.) She's saying something about possible MCL tear and maybe some meniscus damage. Then he did the Lochman's (sp?) test, which consists of grabbing her lower leg and pulling it forward away from her upper leg. A normal leg should not move at all. Kel's leg slid out a good inch or so. ICK!!!!

So Dr. Shelbourne asks Kelly when she's thinking about having her surgery. Yep...torn ACL. Luckily, the reason we go to Dr. Shelbourne is that he is a world-renouned (did I even come close to spelling that right??) ACL surgeon. In fact, he repaired Kelly's other ACL five years ago. So after a quick re-hash of the post-op exercises and therapies, Kelly is on the books for Monday morning.

Too bad I can't bring my camera to the operating room.

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