Monday, April 24, 2006

Svedka Party, 2006

Svedka being a great Swedish vodka. Long long ago, we wanted to play soccer. So we started a league. One of the 'founding fathers' so to speak was a slightly weird Swedish guy named Joel. Well, over the years, the core gang of us got to be really good friends, having huge drunken bashes a couple times a year. We all ended up playing on the same soccer team and figured what better team name to go with than our favorite Swede's favorite vodka...and thus F.C. Svedka was born. And we were happy.

Just before the start of 2006, we got the unfortunate word that Joel's time with our group was going to be coming to an end--his work visa was expiring, and his company was transferring him back to Sweden. What better way to send him off, we thought, than one last big Svedka bash. Here are some of the photos taken before the bar really opened up...

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