Monday, April 24, 2006

A New Knee...

Kelly had her knee surgery early this morning. Dr. Shelbourne went in with the scope around 9:30 am, where he found a completely torn ACL (main ligament that runs through the center of the knee) and some moderate cartilege damage. I've been at the hospital with Kelly all day, working with her on her PT every two and a half hours. It's sore going, but it's going. Right out of surgery she already had full extension and flexion, so that's a great thing. Most of the swelling will come over the next couple days, though, so that's when the work really gets hard. Of course, the camera came with, but I have no way to offload and process the photos from the hospital room (I'm just glad I found a wireless network in here to hack on to...I've been working on my class stuff all day between PT sessions). So photos of the gimp will have to wait a couple more days. :)

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